Booking Hyssington Village Hall


To book Hyssington Village Hall, in the first instance please call Booking Clerk, Annie Frost (01588 620953 or email:, to check availability for your dates (our ‘Calendar’ page will give you some indication, although the information there is not necessarily definitive).

Once your dates have been confirmed as available please read through the agreement and conditions detailed below before completing and submitting the booking form at the bottom of this page. By submitting the form you are agreeing  that you have read and understood the terms, conditions and regulations of hire.

If you need a paper copy of the booking form, please request one from the Booking Clerk

You will receive confirmation of your booking by email to the address submitted.

Full payment must be made in advance to the Booking Clerk or immediately after the event by prior arrangement.


Hyssington Village Hall is a registered charity, run and maintained by a Committee of Trustees, for the benefit of the residents of Hyssington and its environs.

All Hirers are required to read, accept and adhere to the Terms and Regulations as set down in this Hire Agreement.


Hirers for use of the Hall must be over 18 years of age.

The Applicant is wholly responsible for the appropriate and legal conduct of their event or activity, the provisions of this Hire Agreement and any additional requirements as may apply in Law.

Hire charges apply to setting up and clearing up time and Applicants must take this into account.

Heating is available via a coin meter in the Committee Room. Please ensure you have enough £1 for the hire period.

Applicants are to make specific arrangements with the Booking Clerk regarding access to the Hall and securing it after use.

No explosive, inflammable, toxic, hazardous or infectious materials are to be brought onto the premises.

Fire safety equipment is not to be interfered with or moved except for its intended purpose in an emergency. Notices, signs and emergency lighting are not to be interfered ith or obscured.

Setting up chairs and tables and clearing them away afterwards is the responsibility of the Applicant. PLEASE DO NOT DRAG ACROSS FLOOR. The Hall is to be left clean and tidy after use. Any damage, breakage or loss is to be reported to the Booking Clerk immediately and charges may occur.

Items left at the Hall premises overnight or unsupervised by day, remain the responsibility of the Applicant and not the Committee.

The Hall, its fixtures and fittings are not to be modified and loose property is not to be removed or used for a purpose other than intended. No new fixtures or fittings are to be installed by the Applicant without the specific consent of the Chairman.

Car parking at the Hall is free.

Those attending events at the Hall are required to leave quietly, showing due respect for the Hall’s neighbours.

The Trustees are authorised, and have a duty, to close the hall and terminate an event if they have reason to believe that the Law, Hall Premises Licence, or the Terms or Regulations of the Application have been or are being broken.

Those regular users granted storage space within the Hall are to return all their resources to the agreed area at the end of their session and store them in a safe manner that does not create a hazard to other users. Insurance of any items so stored is the responsibility of the user.

Whilst on the Premises children are to be fully supervised by an adult at all times.

At the end of the event or activity the Applicant is to:

  • Return the Hall to the condition in which it was received.
  • Secure all doors and windows, and close fire exits.
  • Check that all water taps are turned off.
  • Check that heating is turned off.
  • In Winter, as above, but leave frost watcher heaters in the kitchen and toilets switched on and set to *.
  • Turn off all lights.
  • Unplug electrical appliances.
  • Complete the Accident Book if necessary.
  • Report any damage, breakages or losses to the Booking Clerk.
  • Make any constructive suggestions regarding the management of the Hall, Fire Safety or Health and Safety to a Committee Member or in the book provided in the Committee room
  • Return the key as per agreed arrangement.
  • Pay any balance of hire charges to the Booking Clerk as previously agreed.


The Hirer is responsible for obtaining the licence which may be required for the sale or supply of intoxicating liquor. It is the duty of the Hirer to nominate a responsible person to stay sober in order to assist in the case of emergencies (e.g. fire evacuation).

Performance Rights & Phonographic Performance license
The Committee purchases an annual licence from the Performing Right Society Phonographic Performance (PRS/PPL) for incidental music and/or other media based entertainments and the like in the Hall.

Fire safety
The maximum legal capacity is for a hundred persons seated or standing. If people are seated at tables, it is 60 and if in addition the stage is set up, 40.
Fire Instructions are displayed in the Committee Room together with a plan of the premises and the fire exit routes. The Fire Safety Risk Assessment is also available. It is the Hirer’s duty to be familiar with the Fire Safety Risk Assessment, to be familiar with the exit routes available and to adhere to the Fire Instructions. It is a requirement for the Applicant to arrange the delivery of a briefing for those attending and to keeping fire exits clear during the event or activity.
Hirers organising activities or functions attended by wheelchair users are advised to nominate persons to assist individuals in the case of fire evacuation.

Health and Safety
The Committee maintains a Health & Safety Policy together with a basic Risk Assessment for the premises. These documents are available on request. Hirers must conduct a Risk Assessment for the specific event and have a duty to mitigate all risks identified in their planning.

The Committee maintains building, contents and liability insurance to reasonably discharge its duties regarding its own responsibilities and activities. The Certificate of Insurance is on display in the Hall. This insurance may not provide adequate or even any suitable cover for Hirers and their event or activity. Applicants are urged to consider, and obtain if appropriate, their own insurance to underwrite their event or activity, to cover any property brought to the Hall, and to discharge their own liability towards others involved in or affected by their event or activity.

First Aid
A First Aid box is situated in the kitchen.
Please ensure that all accidents and incidents, whether requiring First Aid or not, are recorded in the accompanying Accident / Incident Book. The completed form should be given to the Booking Clerk.

In accordance with the law, smoking is not permitted anywhere within the Hall. Smoking is permitted in the car park, with due discretion and regard to the Hall’s neighbours, provided that butts are disposed of responsibly in the bin provided. Smokers are to move clear of manoeuvring cars.

Young and Vulnerable People
Events where children, young and vulnerable people are present must conform to the Law. Applicants must ensure appropriate supervision and that supervisors are properly accredited. Hirers must ensure that young and vulnerable people are protected from alcohol abuse.

Drugs and Substance Abuse
Drugs and substances that can be abused are not permitted on the Hall premises and Applicants are responsible for appropriate supervision of their event to ensure drugs and illegal substances are not available.

Unsupervised Items
Items left in the premises overnight or unsupervised by day, remain the responsibility of the Hirer.

Flammable & Toxic Material
No explosive, flammable, toxic, hazardous or infectious materials are to be brought onto the premises.

Hirers are responsible for the security of the premises at all times during the period of hire.


The Hirer should ensure that they have read and understood the attached Conditions of Hire and that the details above are correct. By submitting this form the hirer declares that they have read and understood the Conditions of Hire, and agree that they shall form part of the terms of this agreement.

The Hirer also declares that the information given in this agreement is correct to the best of their knowledge and they acknowledge that any misstatement or misrepresentation will invalidate the agreement.

The Committee agrees to permit the Hirer named above to use the premises on the dates detailed, on the understanding that all the special conditions are adhered to at all times.

Under insurance rules, if this hiring is for commercial purposes then the Hirer must ensure at least £5 million of public liability insurance is in place.