Minutes of meetings

Wednesday, 5th December, 2018 at 7.30 p.m.

Gary Frost, Simon Beadman, Bob McLintock, Heather Williams, Steve Jones, Annie Frost, Bryan Rigg, Pauline Rigg, Avril Dickinson, Clare Beaumont

Nancy Ketchen, Alan Morris, Louise Tomkins, Afrianne Jones

Minutes of previous meeting were accepted as a correct record of the proceedings.

Fireproof letter box – There was a query over suitable positioning. It was agreed that the box would be moved to the other side. SB

Heather had been unable to trace the owner of the sheep behind the play area, but the
situation appears to have been resolved.

It was agreed to ask the contractor to fit a larger gate to allow easier access for the mower, and to fit a spring to ensure that the gate wasn’t left open, thereby allowing sheep to get onto the play area. This would also remove the need for a sign. SB

Social Club: Everything was ready for the Christmas Meal, and 36 people were expected to go.
Book Club: The Club has space for another couple of members, and is currently advertising.
Friendship Club: The Club had enjoyed an interesting talk on Ancient Buildings, and was looking forward to their Christmas meal next week.
Church and Chapel: No representative present, but a report had been submitted.
The last service at the Chapel will take place on the 16th of December at 6.30pm. There are discussions taking place to ensure the safety of the War Memorial, and more information will be available after these meetings had taken place.
The Carol Service at St. Etheldreda’s will take place on Christmas Eve at 6.30pm.
Churchstoke Community Council: Things were fairly quiet in the run up to Christmas, and there were no new Planning issues to discuss. The frustration that issues were not being addressed because of staff shortages at Powys Council continues.
Village Watch: A caravan has been stolen from Daisy Bank Caravan Site.

The fire doors are now working properly, and there were no other problems. Nancy
continues to monitor the ‘Problems’ book.

There were no new problems with the Playground, although the swing seats still need
replacing. Steve is dealing with this. SJ

The Fundraising sub-committee outlined the events that they hoped to organise for next year, and a meeting will take place in the new year to finalise dates. The Chairman expressed his thanks to the sub-committee for all their hard work.

Simon and Gary have been working hard constructing the Gazebo. There were difficulties in getting the work done around other commitments, but they are willing to carry on for now.

There is a leaking gutter, and the outside light by the doors is not working. Simon is to
Check these items. Gary is to buy a toilet roll holder for the Gent’s toilets. SB, GF

Though not a legal requirement, it was proposed that a basic form of the minutes
of meetings be published on the Village Hall website, for a trial period. This was agreed .

The procedures for the AGM were explained and agreed. It was also agreed that any questions would need to be submitted in advance to ensure that the correct information was available.

It was agreed that there would be no change in the Village Hall charges for 2019.

Money for the Gazebo, the Green Grant, and various fundraising activities had all been received. The invoice for the work on the car park and fencing was still outstanding.

Avril suggested considering a keypad entry system at a future date.

More magnetic pins are needed for the notice board. Annie to buy. AF

It was suggested applying to the Green Grant for a screen and projector.

Bob said that there may be money available to provide a defibrillator for the Village. Ideas will need to be put forward for a suitable situation.

Funds are available from the Community Council to replace the Village notice board, currently situated on the Chapel railings. A new location will need to be decided.

A water leak near the phone box has been reported to the Water Company.
Date of AGM and next meeting: 6th of March 2018 at 7.00pm

There being no further matters to discuss, the meeting was declared closed at 8.50 p.m.


Wednesday, 5th September, 2018 at 7.30 p.m.

Gary Frost, Alan Morris, Simon Beadman, Bob McLintock, Heather Williams, Steve Jones, Annie Frost, Louise Tomkins, Bryan Rigg, Pauline Rigg

Clare Beaumont, Avril Dickinson, Nancy Ketchen

Minutes of previous meeting were accepted as a correct record of the proceedings.

Fireproof letter box – Simon is to check with Nancy if any standard was specified by the Fire Officer, and purchase accordingly.

Re varnishing of the front of the Hall is now completed.

Extension to Car Park and fencing of play area completed.

Thanks were given to Steve and Keith Perks for the cutting up of the trunk in the play area.
It was agreed that Steve should claim this work as an extra mow, as grass cutting has not
been needed so frequently because of the hot weather. Some pieces of the wood have been taken, but it was agreed that any still left in two weeks time would be put under the hedge to rot down as insect habitat.

Social Club: No representative present
Book Club: It was reported that the Book Club is flourishing, and has a full complement of members.
Friendship Club: The Club had enjoyed a canal trip last month, and were looking forward to a visiting speaker at the next meeting.
Church and Chapel: No representative present.
Churchstoke Community Council: Things have been quiet over the summer. There was some frustration that issues were not being addressed because of staff shortages at the Powys Council.
Thanks were expressed to Ed Humphries, Community Council Clerk, for his prompt action in dealing with a recent fly tipping incident at Llan Corner.
Village Watch: Steve urged people to be vigilant after a number of van break-ins in Chirbury. A silver Vectra with an ’08 registration had been seen in the area around the time of the break-ins.
There was also a report of two sheep being savaged at the start of the Bank Holiday weekend at Llanerch.

The new constitution has been read by the Committee, and agreements signed. The constitution now has to be enforced. All hirers will be required to sign a lettings agreement, including existing groups. These will need to be renewed annually.

Thanks were proffered to the sub-committee members for all their hard work in drawing up the new constitution.

It was noted that Nancy had been diligent in carrying out all the required checks.

The Fundraising sub-committee had met this week, and a number of events were planned for this year and for 2019. There will be a Coffee Morning in September, a Quiz Night in October, an evening of songs and sketches on the theme of ‘A Night at the Movies’ in November, and a Village get-together and Mummers’ Play on Christmas Eve. Events planned for next year include a Bingo Night, a ‘Gazebo Warming’, a Fashion Show, a Hyssington Open Gardens event, and the setting up of a 100 Club.

Alan had successfully applied for a Green Grant of £250 from Churchstoke Community
Council, towards the cost of re varnishing the Village Hall. We have also received a grant of just under £2000, again from Churchstoke Community Council, for a wooden gazebo to go on the play area. There will be some money left over to allow us to buy some solar lighting, bark for the floor, and possibly another picnic table. We will need to set up a work party to clear the site and build the gazebo.

Sheep are managing to get through the hedge from the field behind the play area. Heather will try to find out who owns the sheep, and discuss the problem with them.

The new playground gate has been left open on several occasions. Gary will get a sign made asking people to close the gate.

The Green Grant will be discussed at the next meeting to discuss what we should apply for.

Date of next meeting: 5th of December 2018 at 7.30 p.m.

There being no further matters to discuss, the meeting was declared closed at 8.30 p.m.


Wednesday, 6th June, 2018

Gary Frost, Alan Morris, Clare Beaumont, Bob McLintock, Avril Dickinson,
Heather Williams, Steve Jones, Nancy Ketchen, Annie Frost, Louise Tomkins, Brian Rigg, Pauline Rigg,

Simon Beadman, Afrianne Jones

Minutes of previous meeting were accepted as a correct record of the proceedings and signed.

It is not yet known when the contractor will start work on the car park, but it will hopefully be later this month.

The lock on the front door has been changed, and keys distributed.

We are awaiting a start date for the re varnishing of the front of the Hall.

The Village Hall Facebook page and website were up and running.

Maintenance and First Aid books were now in place.

The new Constitution is almost complete and ready for sending to the Charity Commission. It is a much larger document than the previous one. It was pointed out that in future, Hirers will need to sign an agreement. If the document is accepted, Trustees will need to read and sign the new document.

The appendices of the Health &Safety document will need to be updated. The County Fire Officer inspected the premises on the 29th of May. The procedures that we have in place were deemed adequate. The Officers report was read to the Committee. Wedges are no longer to be used to prop open the doors, as this can cause warping of the frame. One fire door is difficult to open. Nancy is to ask the contractor to have a look at this. The steps should be edged with fluorescent paint. Alan will need to pass any fire and electrical paperwork to Nancy. A fire proof box is needed on the letterbox where keys are posted. Simon will look at these items

A couple of successful events have been held, with more ideas for later in the year. Louise will make enquiries about what regulations we need to comply with if we want to run a 100 Club.

Mowing is no longer being done by Churchstoke Community Council. Gary had obtained three quotes from contractors for the mowing, but asked if anyone else might be interested in tendering. It was agreed to maintain the car park and play area as mown grass.

The large trunk in the play area has finally disintegrated. A number of suggestions were discussed, but it was agreed that it was now dangerous and had to be removed. Steve is to undertake this, with hopefully, some additional help from Andrew Tomkins and Ade Lewis, and a decision will then be made as to what to do with the wood.

A complaint has been received from a user whose event was disrupted by the smoke alarm going off. It was agreed to offer a small reimbursement as a goodwill gesture.

It was agreed to buy a new kettle as a result of a complaint about one of the existing ones having a broken handle.

Alan has applied to Churchstoke Community Council for some money from the Green Grant.

Steve offered to spray the car park weeds, but will need some Roundup. This was agreed.

Clare pointed out that the May electricity bill was abnormally high. She will continue to monitor the situation.

The telephone pole by the phone box has now been removed.

Bob said that the Community Council were aware of work being carried out in the village without the required consents. The situation is being monitored.

Date of next meeting: 5th of September 2018 at 7.30 p.m.

There being no further matters to discuss, the meeting was declared closed at 9.00 p.m


Minutes of Extraordinary Meeting of Hyssington Village Hall Committee
held on the 11th April 2018

Gary Frost, Annie Frost, Bob McLintock, Pauline Rigg, Brian Rigg, Alan Morris, Nancy Ketchen, Clare Beaumont, Steve Jones, Simon Beadman, Louise Tomkins

Heather Williams, Avril Dickinson, Afrianne Jones

It was pointed out that the time given for the next meeting was incorrect. Other than that, the minutes were accepted as an accurate record of the proceedings.

Steve is still to do repairs to swing seats.

Simon has managed to secure a further discount off the quote given for the car park and playground railings. This was accepted. There were a couple of different options for the playground fencing, and it was decided to go for 3 rails and wire as the most secure option to prevent children escaping onto the road, and to prevent sheep accessing the playground. Simon is to contact an engineer to discuss a possible cover for the septic tank in the car park.

Roger Morris has given a quote for treating the front of the Hall. It was agreed to accept this quote.

Nancy has checked and updated the First Aid Box and provided an accident book. We are waiting for the electrician to come back to test the emergency lighting, which should be done next week.

Annie has bought a maintenance book, which will be kept in the Committee Room, and will make a notice to go on the board to tell users where it can be located.

The Village Hall Facebook page was now live, and work on a web page is well underway.

Gary outlined the current Constitution and discussed Committee numbers. He explained that there were new regulations, and that the Constitution needed to be revised. It needs to reflect the fact that the Committee is discussing important and relevant matters.

The Health & Safety policy needs reviewing annually to make sure that it is up to date. It will need four people looking at the policy to ensure that it remains valid.

Alan explained the fire procedures. He confirmed that extinguishers are checked monthly. Nancy is to contact the Fire Brigade Safety Officer regarding a check of the premises to ensure that we are up to date.

The Committee need to draw up Safeguarding and Complaints Policies.

It was agreed that it would be of benefit to set up a Fundraising group to enable improvements to Hall facilities.

It was agreed to set up a number of sub-committees to deal with new policies and revision of old ones. The groups looking at these areas are as follows:

Constitution: Gary, Simon, and Clare

Health & Safety: Pauline, Alan, Nancy, and Steve

Safeguarding: Louise and Gary

Fundraising: Annie, Louise, Simon, Jo Beadman (Co-opted member), Trevor Hedges (Consultant)

There are a number of keys in circulation. It was agreed to change the lock and refine the list of keyholders. Gary will buy a new lock, and look at the possibility of adding a new Yale lock. An ‘odd job man’ will probably be required for this. Gary to investigate.

Jeanette Griffin had asked if she could continue to maintain the garden area at the front of the hall. This was agreed.

The next meeting will be on Wednesday, 6th of June 2018, at 7.30 p.m.

There being no further business to discuss, the meeting was declared closed at 8.25 p.m