WEDNESDAY 6 MARCH 2019 7:00pm

1. Apologies
2. Previous Minutes
3. Matters Arising
4. Chair’s Annual Report
5. Treasurer’s Annual Report
6. Election of the Village Representatives for 2019 Committee
7. Any other Business

This meeting will be followed by the first meeting of the new committee which will then elect the new officers.


The Committee consists of seven elected members and six representative members of the officially recognised public user groups.

Anyone over the age of 18 who wishes to stand will need to have a Proposer from the village and will need to inform the Chair of their intention to stand by 27 February 2019.

Elected members of the 2018 Committee will also need to inform the Chair by 27February if they wish to stand again but they do not need to have a Proposer.

The requirement for the advance notice is in order to organise a paper ballot if an election should be necessary.


These will need to be sent to the Chair in writing by 27 February so they can be addressed in the Reports of the appropriate officer.

Chair: Gary Frost, Gorsty House, Hyssington, SY15 6AT



The Village Hall Committee has the opportunity to bid for some money from Churchstoke Community Council, which is solely for something of outdoor recreational use for the village.  We are on a very short timescale, and only have this week to decide what we should apply for.  We can submit a bid for up to £1500.  If anyone has any suggestions for consideration, please put them forward to a member of the Committee before the 18thof July, preferably in writing.  Gary’s email is if you want to contact him directly.


Well, your new Village Hall Committee, together with assorted contributors and hangers-on, have been working hard to put together a programme of events for the coming months.

Here’s early notification of some of the Village Hall fundraising events planned so far. Full details nearer the time:

Bingo Night – Friday, 18th May, 7.00 for 7.30

Hyssington Royal Wedding Street Party, Saturday, 19th May, pm.
 Just a nice opportunity for the village to get together. No charge, just bring a picnic and drinks, and come and chat to your friends and neighbours. In the car park if the weather’s good, in the hall if not. There will be a Royal Quiz, £1 to enter when you pick up your quiz sheet. Look out for posters! –

Quiz Night – date to be arranged

Coffee Morning/50:50 Sale – Saturday, 15th September, a.m.

A Night at the Movies/Oscars Night –  Saturday, 17th November
No, we’re not showing a film, but dress up and come and enjoy the entertainment. If you’ve been to a Hyssington Village Hall production before, you know what to expect! If you haven’t, well, you should have!!

Christmas Eve get togetherMonday, 24th December
Food and entertainment after the Church Service.

Plans are also underway for a 50 or 100 Club, depending on interest.

Also, look out for Hyssington Open Gardens! July 2019, exact date to be arranged, and plenty of time to get your garden ready!

Hopefully, something for everyone! Keep your eyes peeled for the posters for individual events. These will be posted on the Village and Village Hall noticeboards, on both Hyssington Facebook pages, and on the new Village Hall website, which will be up and running soon! All proceeds will go to improving Village Hall facilities. Everyone is welcome and we hope to see lots of you at these events!